Where did I park?

An app that can send you a reminder of your car's parking spot.

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Do you have problem remembering where you left your car at the parking spot?

This little utility app may help you with that

Here is a quick tour with general info and tips on how to use it

Main Screen:

Figure 1. Main Screen

Quick view of the floor and spot where you left your car.

This screen contains the floor, spot detail and how long ago the data was updated

To edit the info tap con the update button

Update Screen:

Figure 2. Update screen


Tap on the row to make the floor picker show up, once visible select the floor number where the car is parked on

Spot Number

Type in here any specific details about the parking spot: identifier, row, etc


Enable this section if you want the app to send you a reminder, this is useful when you know the time when you’re gonna be needing this info

Let’s say you get to work at 9am and want the app to remind you the parking spot when you’re about to head home at 5pm, this section is exactly for that


Here is a quick look on how the notification will look like

Figure 3. Notification


You can also enable the widget and have the parking spot information ready in the today screen

Figure 3. Widget
email would be the safest way to get in touch, although it gets a bit cluttered sometimes =S.